Cameron Williams, Binkley Barfield

The Membership Committee promotes membership in ITE and TexITE, provides membership information, and reviews subscriber and affiliate applications. The committee is comprised of one representative from each of the six Texas sections. Each of the section members is responsible for increasing the membership within their respective sections and passing this information along to the committee chair. The chair in turn will forward the application along to the TexITE treasurer and the roster manager.

Younger Members

Scott Nelson, Pape-Dawson Engineers

The Younger Member’s Committee strives to create an area for members under the age of 35 to become leaders in the transportation community through organizing social events, community service events, and professional development opportunities.

Past Presidents

Wayne Kurfees, Kimley-Horn and Associates

The Past Presidents Committee provides, upon the request of the TexITE President, advice and counsel on specific issues.


Gary Thomas, Kittelson LLC

The Web Committee is responsible for maintaining the TexITE Web site and updating social media channels.


Melisa Finley, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

The Awards Committee solicits and reviews nominations for the various TexITE awards. The committee also advises the board on revisions of existing awards and the addition of new awards.


Jason Vaughn, City of Sugar Land

The Roundabout Committee provides educational resources on roundabout projects and research at the state and national levels. The committee also coordinates with the ITE and TRB Roundabout Committees.


Charles Stevens, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

TexITE produces three newsletters each year. The newsletters are posted in the Members Only section of the TexITE Web site.

Highway Products Group

Linc Wright, AZTEC Engineering Group

The Highway Products Group (HPG) represents the many companies, distributors, and vendors in the traffic-related industry that serve our ITE members every day. These businesses play an integral role in delivering the latest technologies to the market place, as well as educating our members on these products. Many in the HPG are ITE members themselves. The HPG community also contributes significantly to the success of our semi-annual meetings through well-organized and well-attended trade shows and sponsored social and technical activities that are part of every meeting.


Kevin St. Jacques, Freese & Nichols

The purpose of the Transit Committee is to advance the education of TexITE members on transit, provide transit project highlights in current TexITE newsletters, encourage transit innovation in Texas through special recognition and awards, and to keep members current on transit policy issues at the state and federal levels.