Technical Paper

2017 No Award
2016 Mason Gemar, Zeina Wafa, and Jennifer Duthie
Developing Design Guidelines for Right-Turn Slip Lanes
2015 Sammy Chen and Yi Qi
Safety Impacts of Short Left-Turn Lanes at Median Openings: Crash Experience of Houston Streets
2014 No award
2013 Koushik Arunachalam
An Innovative Approach to Proactively Evaluate Safety Performance of Future Transportation Projects
2012 Marcus Brewer and Kay Fitzpatrick
Before-and-After Study of the Effectiveness of Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons Used with School Sign in Garland
2011 Dhruva Lahon
Developing a Corridor System Management Plan for I-215 California
2010 Dustin Qualls
The Greening of Student Pick-Ups at School Dismissal
2009 Tom Hartmann and Gene Hawkins
Revised Process for Work Zone Decision-Making Based On Quantitative Performance Measures
2008 Steven Taylor
Blending of Planning and Operations with an Integrated Transportation System
2007 Srinivasa Sunkari
Performance of the Advance Warning for End of Green System (AWEGS) for High-Speed Signalized Intersections