9.0 Preparing for the Meeting

9.1 Access to the TexITE Meeting Account

Approximately four months before the meeting, the LAC should contact the TexITE Secretary-Treasurer for access to the TexITE meeting account.

9.2 Arranging for Printing and Supplies

Arrangements should be for printing and supplies as follows:

  • Printing: Pre-meeting mail-outs; registration forms; meeting programs; and tickets.
  • Name Tags and Special Ribbons: There must be provision for printing name tags at the registration desk. The Convention Bureau may provide some assistance. It is also desirable to obtain special ribbons ("Officer," "Speaker," "Host," etc.).
  • Placards and Signs: Although not required, it is desirable to arrange for (1) name placards to be placed in front of each person at the head tables; (2) signs to identify each technical session (especially if concurrent sessions will be taking place); (3) signs to identify the assigned meeting location for the various committees; and (4) signs to identify the various stations in the registration area.

9.3 Internal Publicity

9.3.1 Mail-Outs to TexITE Membership

At least one mail-out is required and two are often used. If only one is to be sent, the optimum time for it to be mailed is six weeks prior to the meeting. If two will be used, the optimum mailing times are two months prior to the meeting and one month prior. The TexITE Secretary-Treasurer will, upon request, arrange for mailing labels for this purpose. NOTE: The "Christmas rush" may affect the mail-out timing for the Winter meeting.

In many cities, the Convention Bureau will assist with the mail-out(s). The hotel will usually provide cards (often with prepaid postage) for room reservation purposes.

Each mail-out should include as much information as possible about the meeting functions, including the technical program.

A sample registration form is in the appendix. Since a separate checking account is not necessary (see section 9.1), the registration form should reflect that checks are to be made out to TexITE, rather than, e.g., 1998 Summer TexITE Meeting.

Many government agencies require a tax ID, vendor number, and address to issue checks. A phone number should be listed on the registration form to call for this information.

A separate registration form should be used for recreational activities (such as the golf tournament) instead of listing them on the meeting registration form. This will make it easier for public sector employees to get approval to attend.

9.3.2 Coordination with TexITE Webpage

Information should be posted on the TexITE webpage as it is finalized. The registration form should be on the webpage to allow pre-registrants to print and mail it to the LAC.

9.3.3 Coordination with TexITE Newsletter

The current schedule calls for a newsletter to be published approximately one month before each meeting. An advance copy of the mail-out information should be sent to the editor in time for inclusion in the TexITE newsletter. The LAC should contact the editor as to the deadline for submission of the meeting information.

9.3.4 Coordination with ITE Journal

Each issue of ITE Journal includes a calendar of ITE events (including district and section meetings) that will occur during the 4 to 5 months following the publication date. To allow sufficient lead time, the following information should be sent to ITE Journal at least 9 months in advance of the meeting:

  • Meeting dates
  • Meeting location (city and hotel)
  • Name and telephone number of person to contact for additional information (usually the LAC chair)

The Secretary-Treasurer typically provides this information to the ITE Journal. The LAC chair should provide the needed information to the Secretary-Treasurer.

The LAC should check the meeting calendar in subsequent issues of ITE Journal to ensure that the TexITE meeting information appears when it should and that it is correct.

9.3.5 Coordination with HPG Mail-Out

The mail-out to the TexITE membership should coincide with the mail-out to the HPG members. Notify the HPG chair one month prior to sending the first TexITE mailout so that both mailings can occur simultaneously.

9.4 Pre-Registration

Pre-registration should be encouraged for several reasons:

  • To minimize congestion at the registration desk
  • To gain insight as to probable attendance
  • To help with the meeting’s cash flow

Even if prepayment is not included, the first two benefits will exit. Therefore, pre-registration should be encouraged, with or without prepayment.

At least two different means have been used to provide an incentive for pre-registration: (1) Offer a nice door prize for which only pre-registrants will be eligible; and/or (2) offer a discount on the registration fee for pre-registrations received by a certain date. Any such incentives should be reflected in the proposed meeting budget.