8.0 Planning Out-of-Hotel Functions

8.1 Obtaining Reservations and Ticket Blocks

One important consideration in the planning of out-of-hotel functions is to secure reservations, ticket blocks, etc. as far in advance as possible. In some cities, the Convention Bureau will provide assistance with such arrangements.

8.2 Group Transportation

Charter buses typically represent a substantial portion of the cost of an out-of-the-hotel function. Most bus companies have a fixed rate per bus for some minimum time with an additional charge per hour after the minimum. In some cases, the minimum time may be as much as five hours.

Accordingly, if the event is reasonably close to the hotel, it may be substantially less expensive to have one or two buses operate a continuous shuttle than to provide enough buses to transport all attendees at the same time. Even if the particular event is such that a shuttle is not practical, it may be cheaper to keep the buses at the event rather than have to pay a second per-bus minimum charge for the return trip.

Also, if buses are required for both spouse and children's events, it may be both possible and economical to schedule the events such that the same buses take one group to its first destination and then return to the hotel to take the other group to its first destination.