3.0: Local Arrangements Committee

3.1: Membership

All TexITE members and section affiliates who reside or work in the host city area are eligible for membership on the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) and are encouraged to participate actively.

3.2 Selection and Duties of LAC Chair

The TexITE Executive Board shall designate one of the members of the LAC to serve as chair for the TexITE meeting. That individual, who may be either a voting member or a section affiliate of TexITE, shall: (1) chair the LAC and oversee all of its activities; and (2) serve as its point of contact with the Executive Board and with other groups both internal and external to TexITE.

3.3 Task Assignments and Subcommittees

The LAC chair may assign specific task responsibilities to individual committee members or subcommittees. The typical task areas include:

  • Hotel Arrangements and Contract
  • Budget and Finance
  • Printing and Mailing
  • Publicity
  • Registration
  • HPG Liaison
  • Out-of-Hotel Functions
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Spouse and Children's Activities
  • Technical Session Assistance
  • Golf, Tennis, etc.

In larger cities, the LAC membership may be large enough that no member will have to serve on more than one such subcommittee. It should be noted, however, that many successful meetings have been held in cities which have three or fewer TexITE members and affiliates. In smaller cities, the Convention Bureau typically provides a greater level of assistance to meetings the size of TexITE’s, and this tends to compensate for the limited size of the LAC.

3.4 Overview of Committee Responsibilities

The full responsibility and authority for hosting a meeting is vested in the LAC, subject to the advice and counsel of the Executive Board.

The Committee's responsibilities include the following:

  • Selecting the meeting dates, subject to the approval of the Executive Board. Tentative dates are usually offered at time of site selection (18 months in advance of meeting); final approval is usually made by the Board 12 months prior to the meeting.
  • Coordinating the final selection of hotel with the designated representative of the Highway Products Group (HPG).
  • Negotiating a hotel contract with advice and guidance from the Contract Review Committee. The TexITE President or Vice President will sign the contract. See section 7.7.
  • Preparing, for Executive Board approval, a budget and a schedule of all meeting functions. These items shall be submitted for Board consideration at the quarterly Board meeting occurring approximately 9 months before the subject TexITE meeting. The final budget and schedule of events shall be submitted for approval at the quarterly Board meeting occurring approximately 6 months prior to the subject TexITE meeting. (The LAC has fiscal responsibility for the meeting, which shall be fully self-supporting through registration fees and event ticket sales or as directed by the Executive Board.)
  • Selecting, in consultation with the Vice President, an overall theme for the meeting.
  • Assisting the Vice President in selecting a keynote speaker for the Kick-Off Luncheon.
  • Making all arrangements (except agendas) for the Kick-Off Luncheon and Business Meeting.
  • Making all arrangements for registration space and procedures.
  • Making all arrangements for meeting rooms, visual/audio aids, and refreshments for the technical sessions.
  • Making arrangements for group outings and social functions.
  • Coordinating with the HPG’s designated representative regarding their needs for product exhibit space and other matters of concern to the HPG.