6-1: Membership Committee

The President may appoint a membership committee to process applications, recruit new members or encourage reinstatement of inactive members. The District Board should encourage Sections and Chapters to create a sign-in sheet and contact numbers of all non-members attending their meetings. These lists should be forwarded to the membership committee to create a potential members contact list.

6-2: Membership Application Procedures

Membership applications should be forwarded to the Membership Committee to determine if the applicant qualifies as an international member or District Affiliate. If the applicant qualifies for international membership, they should be provided a membership application and referred to the ITE Headquarters. If the applicant qualifies as a District Affiliate, the membership committee is authorized to process the application without District Board approval. The TexITE website should provide on-line access to membership applications.

6-3: Membership Qualifications

Article 1 of the District By-laws (Appendix C) defines the qualifications to become a District member, District Affiliate and Subscriber.

6-4: Collection of Dues

  1. District Members District dues for International members are currently collected by ITE as a part of the International dues invoice.
  2. District Affiliates Dues for District Affiliates are invoiced and collected by the District Administrator. Invoices should be mailed out each year on November 1st with a due date of December 31st of the same year. A second invoice and notification of delinquent dues are mailed out on March 1st of the next year with a due date of June 31st.

6-5: Delinquent Dues

It is the responsibility of the District Administrator to track delinquent dues and membership status. If the member’s dues are outstanding in excess of six months, the member’s name shall be removed from the membership roster but kept in the database and placed in an inactive status until reinstated. The access to the "member’s only" web pages and on-line voting will be prohibited until dues are paid.

6-6: Subscriber Dues

Those applicants who live within current sections, but are not eligible for ITE membership may pay a $20 subscriber fee. Subscribers will be provided access to the printable roster and newsletter.