11-1: Section Reports

At least two weeks prior to each District board meeting (except the Winter meeting), the Section President shall transmit a concise report on Section activities to the District President. At least two weeks prior to the winter district board meeting the Section President shall transmit an annual report on section activities for the previous calendar year to the District President. Each section shall use the standard report formats shown in Appendix N and should include at a minimum:

  1. The current status of membership
  2. Current status of budget
  3. Listing of activities carried out since the last report
  4. Listing of ongoing and planned activities
  5. Schedule of past and future meetings
  6. In the annual report all activities and meetings held in the previous calendar year should be included.

11-2: Section Activity Award

If a Section would like to compete internationally for the Section Activities Award, they should submit their report using a form or format authorized by ITE Headquarters. This report is due to the District President by April 1. The reporting period may be for the calendar year or for the previous 12 months. The Awards Committee shall review and determine the winning Section Reports. Reports worthy of International competition shall be forwarded to ITE before May 1st.

11-3: Annual District Report

The District President shall submit a written report to ITE 30 days prior to the ITE annual meeting in August. The annual ITE District Report Form is shown in Appendix O. The ITE website provides current report forms and requirements online.

11-4: Local Arrangement Committee Meeting Reports

The Local Arrangements Committee shall submit a written report to the President six weeks following the District meeting. The report should include at a minimum the information listed below. This information is very important for estimating expenses and negotiating contracts for future meetings.

  1. Expenses
  2. Net revenue
  3. Copy of contracts with hotel, social event venue, transportation companies, etc.
  4. Attendance broken down by members, nonmembers, students and vendors
  5. Number of hotel rooms used per night (Wed, Thurs, Fri., Sat)
  6. Attendance at Kickoff lunch, Friday night Social, and the Business meeting
  7. Suggestions on lessons learned or innovative ideas to forward to the next LAC