1-1: Purpose of Policy Manual

The purpose of the District 9 Policy Manual is to establish a single reference document containing all information related to the Charter, Bylaws, policies and procedures established for the professional organization "TexITE", or District 9 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. The District Board shall periodically review the policies and make amendments as necessary to assure that the written policy accurately reflects the current operations of the District.

Unless stated in the ITE Constitution, District Charter or District By-Laws, the policies and procedures described herein should be considered as guidelines, and not absolute requirements, for officers and committees of the District. These policies have been established to improve the "organizational memory" and to serve to provide guidance for future officers, with the intent of making their jobs easier and of improving future operations of the District. Each future District Board, however, may amend any policy at any time.

The District shall also maintain a Meetings Manual for details on schedules, meeting agendas, operations and procedures during a District meeting. This manual is attached as Appendix A. The Policy Manual and Meetings Manual should be cross-referenced to ensure that there are no conflicts in policy or procedures.

1-2: Organizational Structure

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international, individual-member, education and scientific association. International membership is divided geographically into ten districts. The boundaries of District 9 encompass the entire State of Texas.

District 9 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers exists under Charter granted by the ITE. The ITE Constitution can be found on the ITE Web site. The District Charter is attached in Appendix B. The District operates under government established by District By-Laws most recently approved by the voting membership on December 1, 2014. The District Bylaws are attached in Appendix C.

District 9 has six geographic section organizations that exist by charters granted by the District. Section Charters are attached as Appendices D1 thru D6.

It should be noted that the six sections collectively encompass only about 30 percent of the area of the District. Accordingly, some District members do not reside within a section.