11.0 After the Meeting

11.1 Letters of Appreciation

On behalf of the LAC, the LAC chair should write letters of appreciation to local guests (Mayor, City Manager, etc.) and to other groups and individuals (Convention Bureau, spouses of LAC members, etc.) who have contributed to the success of the meeting. The LAC chair should coordinate with the President to determine who will be sending a letter of appreciation to the Keynote Speaker.

The Vice President is responsible for writing letters of appreciation to the technical session participants.

11.2 Finalizing the Meeting Account

After all bills have been paid, the LAC chair should contact the TexITE Secretary-Treasurer to close the books for the meeting. The LAC chair shall provide a complete financial report to the Secretary-Treasurer.

11.3 Meeting Report

Not later than three months after the meeting, a final meeting report shall be sent to the TexITE Secretary-Treasurer. The format for this report is included in the Appendix.

11.4 Updating the Meetings Manual

The TexITE Secretary-Treasurer shall update the meeting history in the Appendix with the meeting report provided by the LAC chair in accordance with section 11.3.