HCM Multi-modal Level of Service

Multi-modal LOS method is designed for evaluating “complete streets,” context-sensitive design alternatives, and smart growth from the perspective of all users of the street. The analyst can use the MMLOS method to evaluate the tradeoffs of various street designs in terms of their effects on the auto driver’s, transit passenger’s, bicyclist’s, and pedestrian’s perceptions of the quality of service provided by the street. This workshop will focus on the application of the HCM Multi-Modal LOS module in the HCS. (8 am-noon, Sept. 6 - $25)

Instructor: Bill Sampson, McTrans Center

Intersection Control Evaluation

Jeffrey Shaw, Intersection Program Manager with FHWA, will conduct this workshop. The workshop will begin with an overview of various innovative intersection designs. The workshop will then demonstrate the Intersection Control Evaluation process by explaining how states generally conduct ICE, where ICE connects to other program-wide initiatives, and introduce ICE tools. ICE procedures provide a two-stage, performance-based framework approach to evaluating and choosing intersection geometry and control from a large number of alternatives. Following completion of the workshop, participants will be able to tour two DLT interchanges in San Marcos. (8 am - 10 am, Sept. 6 - $25 with DLT tour included)

Instructor: Jeffery Shaw, FHWA

Traffic Signal Operations for Innovative Intersections

This workshop will include the latest traffic signal operations, controller programming, and best practices for innovative intersections including CFIs, Superstreets, DDI, and Diamond interchanges. (1 pm - 5 pm, Sept. 6 - $25)

Instructor: Nader Ayoub, Iteris

Roundabout Training

Mark Lenters, Principal Roundabout Practice Leader with Ourston - MSA Professional Services, and Jeffrey Shaw, Intersection Program Manager with FHWA, will discuss the use of roundabouts as an intersection form. The workshop will touch on geometric design practices as well as design review techniques used to troubleshoot designs. Information on the use of the FHWA peer review program is also included in the workshop. The workshop also includes discussion of the low-cost high-value congestion relief that mini-roundabouts can offer. Lastly, the workshop highlights the value of outreach programs to gain driver acceptance. (1 pm - 5 pm, Sept. 6 - $50)

Instructors: Mark Lenters, Ourston-MSA Professional Services, Jeffrey Shaw, FHWA

Ethics Seminar

This session will meet the requirements of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers for ethics training. The workshop is free and will meet on Wednesday afternoon after the above workshops and before the vendor exhibit reception. There is no cost to attend this seminar. (5 pm - 6 pm, Sept. 6)

Instructors: Chris Bosco and Gina Smith, Freese and Nichols