What We Do

Monthly Meetings

A speaker meeting is held every month to expose students to professional experiences from practitioners and researchers. In addition, any chapter businesses are resolved during these meetings. A speaker presentation is afterward made to cover one of the topics including but not limited to, operations, planning, design, policy, career development and so on. Free meals are provided to our members.


TAMUite takes care of a two mile stretch of highway near Lake Bryan as part of the state-wide trash-off event. This is a great means to give back to the community. Two times per semester (fall and spring), TAMUite members meet in Lot 50 at 9:00 am and carpool to the site. Volunteers typically include our members with their friends and families. A free lunch is provided for whoever participates in this event.
Professional Conferences

TAMUite sponsors at least 20 members to attend the TexITE meetings twice a year. Depending on the budget availability, part or all of the trip expenses are covered by TAMUite. In addition, TAMUite strive to provide fundings to a few actively involved members to attend the ITE annual meeting yearly. Attending these conferences is an excellent way for our members to start a career in transportation by networking with transportation professionals both locally and across the nation.

Technical Projects

TAMUite members participate in at least two techincal projects when they are available:
  • ITE trip generation study
  • Turning movement count projects

Texas A&M University Student Chapter – Institute of Transportation Engineers